Please note, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be unavailable for 2021. Keep your eyes on our Facebook Page any changes!

Protypo’s Baby and Toddler program involves parents and caregivers in a fun and kinaesthetic, highly engaging 45-minute session of immersion Greek songs, music and movement. You may think it fruitless to expose babies to a second language before they can even talk. Guess again. The ability to distinguish and process sounds or phonemes of different languages is highest in the first year of life, before babies even utter their first word. Many experts now believe that babies exposed to more than one language during their first year of life will not only have an easier time learning different languages later in life, but actually improve their listening, problem-solving, and reasoning skills in general.

Teaching languages to infants is not only possible but it is a highly recommended practice especially between the ages of birth and six years old. Studies have shown that learning second languages can increase IQ, improve mathematical abilities and improve overall future performance. Infants and children who learn a second language such as Greek exhibit superior first language development, greater cognitive flexibility, intercultural awareness, concept formation and creativity. In Protypo’s “Bilingual Bubs” immersion program, our youngest Protypakia are not learning about the language, they are learning in the language through using it.

We welcome you to come and see our program in action and ask that you take advantage of our obligation-free, ‘one free trial class’ option. Further attendance will require full enrolment and fees. Our Baby and Toddler programs run on Saturday mornings throughout the school terms from 9.30am - 10.15am.